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Multi Split System Air Conditioners

Across your entire home, Lennox Multi Split System air conditioners provide flexibility, comfort and individual temperature control. By using various unit types and sizes based on your requirements, up to five different spaces can have their own heating and cooling comfort with each space's indoor unit connecting to the same oudoor unit.



Key Features

  • Inverter technology delivers consistent efficiency, offering energy savings of up to 20% compared to fixed speed units.

  • A wide variety of indoor unit styles makes it easy to select the ideal option to suit your home decor.

  • Connect one outdoor unit to up to five indoor units to configure your ideal heating and cooling solution.

  • Ensure comfort for all by individually controlling, scheduling and setting each room to your desire temperature. 



Lennox Multi Split Air Conditioners allow you to connect one outdoor unit to up to five separate indoor units – all installed in separate rooms. Different indoor head options accommodate even the trickiest of installations.



Discrete ceiling cassettes are ideal for installations where there is limited wall space. Quiet operation makes them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and small offices.


Low-Static Ducted Splits

Low-Static Ducted Splits are another option for when there is limited installation space or concrete ceilings. They can be mounted inside false-ceiling spaces for an unobtrusive solution to your home comfort. Lennox low-static ducted units are supplied with wired controllers for quicker installation.


Lennox Series4 Multi Split System Unit Brochure

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Lennox DC Inverter Multi-Head Split Systems




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