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Lennox Landmark

Landmark Rooftop Units

A total air conditioning package of quality and technology.

A Lennox Landmark Packaged Unit offers legendary Lennox quality, along with outstanding performance and reliability for commercial buildings.  From the innovative engineering to the durable cabinet, these units are built to deliver exceptional comfort — season after season, year after year.

Available in Reverse Cycle (KHA) and Cooling Only (KCA)


Key Features

  • High Efficiency
    Unit is designed to meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2004 standards.

  • Comfort/ IAQ 
    Corrosion-resistant, removable, double-sloped drain pan provides application flexibility, durability and improved serviceability.
    With Cooling Only units, it is possible to field install an electric heating unit on an existing unit and convert it to a heat pump at a later date. The helix wound nichrome individual elements used for this purpose, provide better control over your air conditioning needs.

  • Serviceability
    Hinged access panels provide quick access to components and protect panels and roof from damage during servicing.
    Full-perimeter base rail provides greater structural integrity, so the unit is easier to handle when rigging and transporting.
    Isolated compressor compartment allows performance check during normal compressor operation without disrupting airflow.
    Fork slots on three sides make it easy to pick up and transport units from almost any angle.
    Independent motor mount allows for easy and efficient service access without removing the top panel.

  • Reliability
    Pre-defined supply fan motor/drive combinations make selecting components to meet static pressures and airflow requirements quick and easy.
    Thermostatic expansion valves provide peak cooling performance across the entire application range.
    Scroll compressor provides reliable, long-term operation.



Field-installed accessories
Field-powered GFI
Economizers with single or dual enthalpy control
Electric heat
50% constant volume powered exhaust fan
CO2 sensor
Return and supply air smoke detectors
Low ambient kits
Hail guards
Coil guards
Link to the L Connection® Network line of commercial controls with an optional Network Thermostat Controller
LPG Conversion Kit (gas/electric only)
-40°F cold weather kit (gas/electric only)
Combustion air intake or flue exhaust extensions (gas/electric only)
Blower proving switch
Dirty filter switch
Manual outdoor air dampers (25%)
Motorized outdoor air dampers

Factory-installed options
Coil corrosion protection
Stainless steel heat exchanger
Hinged doors

Factory options or field accessories
Barometric relief dampers
High- and low-static drive kits


Lennox Landmark Rooftop Packaged Units

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Landmark Rooftop Packaged Units

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