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Aqua4 Polyvalent Air Cooled Heat Pump Chiller

Cooling Capacity (50 to 320kW)
Heating Capacity (50 to 340kW)

More thermal comfort with less energy consumption.

A unique concept to reduce our environmental footprint
– 4 Pipe high efficiency system
– Balance the needs - cooling and heating simultaneously
– Recovery and production of hot water all the year
– High energy ratio values - extra quiet
– Complete hydraulic systems with high content water tank

Key Features

  • Conserving and optimising energy consumption 
    High energy ratio at part load and full load.
    Constantly balance heating and cooling needs to obtain maximum Energy Efficiency Ratios.
    Simultaneous or independent demands for heating and cooling
    100% heat recovery at any conditions
    Advanced programmable control with local display

  • Quieter unit 
    -8 dB(A) noise level reduction vs traditional heat pump in standard, -12 dB(A) in option.
    Innovative hybrid structure of fan blades.
    Unique sound proof cabinet enclosing all components to reduce radiated sound levels
    EC technology on fans in option

  • Secured operating map as standard 
    Winter cooling operation down to -15°C ambient.
    Heating operation down to -10°C ambient with 45°C outlet water temperature.
    Heat recovery or production of hot water temperature from 25°C to 55°C
    High ambient up to 45°C

  • Defrost without impacting comfort 
    Hydrophilic treatment on coil.
    Dynamic control on defrost.
    Circuits defrost completely independent
    Integrated high content water tank



Main options - 4 Pipes

Hydraulic module with LP/HP pump(s) for reversible/cold user

Hydraulic module with LP/HP pump(s) for recovery/hot userWater tank (200 -> 765 litres)

High efficiency EC fansAntifreeze protection heat exchangers and hydraulic components

Anti-corrosion coil treatment

Refrigerant LP/HP gauges

Condenser coil protection guard

Soft starter / power factor correction

Spring anti-vibration mounts

Rubber anti-vibration mounts

Supplied 4-way water flow inversion valve

ModBus®, LonWorks®, BacNET® communication interfaces

pCOWeb interface board

Water filters



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Lennox Aqua4 Heat Pump Chiller


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