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Ecolean Air to Water Liquid Chiller (Cooling only)

(44 to 200kW)

Suitable for small office buildings, residential buildings, hotels and hospitals; Lennox® Ecolean Chillers utilise R410A multi scroll compressors, Owlet™ variable speed fans and variable water flow which optimise performance, reduce noise and minimise carbon footprint.


Key Features

  • 7 day programming via the Climatic™ control which manages power consumption according to use.

  • Plug and play integrated hydraulic module.

  • Small footprint allows for compact indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Best in class acoustic performance producing -7 dB(A) average noise level reduction compared to traditional units.

  • eDrive delivers cost savings of up to 75% on pump energy consumption.




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Ecolean Air to Water Liquid Chiller


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