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Neosys Air to Water Liquid Chiller & Heat Pump

Liquid Chiller (200 to 1000kW)
Heat Pump (200 to 500kW)

NeosysTM is another innovation from Lennox - the name you can trust in cooling.  Neosys uses scroll compressors, microchannel condensers and refrigerant R410A for superior effciency and reliability.  With its smart aesthetics and low noise levels, Neosys is a discrete liquid chiller solution that is delivered to you ready to go.


Key Features

  • Suitable for most chilled liquid applications from +20degC inlet to +5degC outlet (-10degC glycol version available)

  • Utilises compliant scroll compressor technology

  • R410A refrigerant

  • Microchannel condensers for improved reliability and a 30% reduction in refrigerant charge

  • Smart acoustics utilising inverter controlled fans

  • Hydraulic options available

  • Aesthetically pleasing with low unit height (< 2m)

  • Graduated capacity control to better meet the required capacity

  • Variable water flow

  • Easy access for installation and servicing

  • Remote monitoring capability

  • High ambient capacities (up to 46°C)




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Neosys Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers


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