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Neosys Air to Water Liquid Chiller (Cooling only)

(200 to 300kW)

Suitable for medium and large office buildings, hotels, hospitals and industrial applications; Lennox® Neosys Chillers offer excellent architectural integration, easy installation and maintenance, as well as high performance energy saving.


Key Features

  • State of the art design for perfect architectural integration.

  • Flat top, very low unit height (< 2m) for discrete installation.

  • Aesthetic side anti-intrusion grilles as standard.

  • Hydraulic module mounted in a soundproofed technical cabinet.

  • Compact hydraulic equipment with pump providing 150 or 250 kPa external static pressure.

  • Active Acoustic Attenuation System, adjustable sound level during day and night to satisfy local environmental constraints.

  • eDrive, variable speed pump, electronically adjusted water flow rate.



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Neosys Air to Water Liquid Chiller


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