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Aqualean Horizontal Water Cooled Packaged Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity (2 to 20kW)
Heating Capacity (3 to 22kW)

Lennox® Aqualean is a water source heat pump packaged unit designed to provide high efficiency air conditioning and ventilation for open-plan areas or cellular offices, with each individual unit having the ability to deliver the heating or cooling load of the zone.  Generally connected to a closed water loop (boiler/cooling tower or geothermal application) or to an open ground water loop, it ensures an excellent comfort level for occupants, better control of energy consumption and lower seasonal operating costs.


Key Features

  • High efficiency system thanks to scroll/rotary compressor operating with R410A.

  • Compact self-supporting casing with very short height to lower dropped ceilings dimension.

  • Variable speed direct transmission ventilation system to save energy and lower operational costs.

  • Lennox’s advanced Climatic controller designed to improve energy efficiency and reliability. Accurate operation is managed by electronic expansion valves, pressure transducers and temperature sensors. This controller integrates master slave capability and a wide choice of communication interfaces.

  • Different air configurations are available as option



Auxiliary Heating/Electric Options

Electrical heater

Main switch

3 Phase sequencer

Installation Options

Water filter

Flow switch

Differential pressure switch

Low water temperature kit

Control Options

ModBus®, LonWorks®, BacNET® communication interfaces

DS 60 service remote control

DS 60 confort remote control (only models 002-003)

DM 60 multiple and programmable display


Low noise level kit




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