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The icomfort Wi-Fi® thermostat gives you total remote comfort control and that means you can easily manage your home’s temperature and energy efficiency—from anywhere. 

For added ease and convenience, the icomfort Wi-Fi thermostat includes features like One-Touch Away Mode, which allows you to save energy when no one’s home. The thermostat also keeps you updated on the weather, so you can be prepared for any cold snap or heat wave that comes your way.


Key Features

  • Touchscreen Operation
    The bright, clear screen is easy to read in any light, and easy to operate with just one finger.

  • Weather Data
    One touch or remote click will put your system into One-Touch Away Mode, reducing system use and energy consumption when no one is home.

  • Alerts & Reminders
    Your dealer can send alerts and emails if the system needs service or maintenance.

  • Remote Access
    Once connected to the Cloud through your wireless network, your icomfort Wi-Fi can be adjusted from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other web-enabled device.

  • App Enabled
    Free to download for Apple and Android devices, the icomfort App is like a touchscreen window into your home comfort. Whether you’re on the road or on the couch, simply start the app to check and change your temperature with only a finger.

  • Smart Energy Use
    Seasonal schedules save energy all year long, while One-Touch Away Mode helps your system use less energy when no one is home.

  • Perfect Air
    The icomfort Wi-Fi works with your Lennox® system to carefully control both temperature and humidity, filling your home with perfectly comfortable air.

  • Peace of Mind
    Like all Lennox equipment, the icomfort Wi-Fi is built to deliver more, and built to last. So you’ll enjoy reliable comfort season after season.



Electronic Interface Module (EIM)

Your icomfort Wi-Fi must be installed with an EIM for the thermostat to be operational.



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