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Command efficiency

FLEXY™ has been designed to perfectly match commercial applications such as offices, restaurants, shopping outlets and supermarkets.

FLEXY™ is available in cooling only, heat pump, gas heater or dual fuel (gas heater and heat pump). It operates with environmentally friendly R410A, providing cooling capacities from 85 kW up to 230 kW in 3 different Box sizes.


Key Features

  • Guaranteed sustainable performance with eDrive™ (standard on FLEXY EC™)
    eDrive™ is Lennox answer for high efficiency ventilation with direct transmission, variable speed drives to save energy and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Advanced refrigeration circuit 
    New FLEXY EC™ features high efficiency, environmentally friendly refrigeration circuits. The new refrigeration circuit is fitted with multi scroll R410A compressors, electronic expansion valves and optimised heat exchange surface area. It includes advanced condenser fan design and allows Dynamic and alternate defrost.

  • Fresh air & free cooling
    Fresh air management and Free Cooling are standard features of new FLEXY EC™ that can reduce annual energy consumption.

  • Climatic™ 60 advanced controller
    Climatic™ 60 controller intelligently improves efficiency and helps set up and service operations to guarantee long lasting performance.



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