Indoor Air Quality


Healthy Climate™ Humidifier

Create a more comfortable, healthier home for your family.

As cold air is heated it expands, causing the indoor relative humidity (RH) to decrease. The Lennox Healthy Climate™ Humdifier works with your ducted gas heater to put back the moisture to maintain the optimal comfort levels.

Key Features

The system’s primary function is to improve the indoor air quality by:

  • Cabinet
    Rugged, corrosion resistant molded plastic.
    Built-in damper included to close off bypass duct during
    summer cooling operation.

  • Manual Humidistat - HCWB3-12 and HCWB3-17
    Can be horizontally mounted on wall or duct.
    Provides manual control of room relative humidity.
    Adjustable setting.

  • Distribution Tray
    Reservoir and unique polyester liner provides even
    water distribution across the evaporator media pad for optimal performance.
    Tray and support frame removable for cleaning or replacement.

  • Evaporator Media Pad
    Provides large evaporation capacity.
    Pad and support frame removable for cleaning or replacement.


Model Number



Evaporator pad size H x W x D


330 x 254 x 43

Opening size H x W


323 x 254

By-pass duct dia






Water Supply Connection

mm (inch)

6.25 (1/4")

Unit Dimensions H x W x D


403 x 305 x 267




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