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How can you save money with a Programmable Thermostat?

Choose a thermostat that's easy to use. A programmable thermostat can lower your energy bills, but only if you take advantage of all it has to offer. Thermostats with more intuitive menus – like the ComfortSense™ 7000 thermostat from Lennox – are designed specifically to allow you to get the most savings by making interaction easier. The large, tabbed display makes it easy to navigate, and onscreen service reminders tell you when to change the system's filter. Automatic adjustments between daylight saving time and standard time mean you don't have to change the thermostat when the seasons change. And because the ComfortSense 7000 is designed for dual-fuel capability, the thermostat also increases the efficiency of those heating systems by automatically alternating between gas and electric operation.

Use it or Lose it

Most programmable thermostats offer multiple daily temperature settings for weekdays and weekends. Use as many as apply to your home and family to customise your temperature schedule for every day of the week, up to four time periods per day. That means you can set the wake-up temperature a little later for lazy Saturday mornings and get the most energy savings out of your home's system. Thermostats that offer humidity control work your dehumidification system to adjust humidity and temperature settings independently, removing excess moisture from the air even on days when the air conditioner doesn't run for long periods.

Find the Best Place

Install your thermostat in a location where it can accurately read your home's temperature. Mount the unit on an inside wall, away from naturally cool or hot spots and doors or windows. Avoid installing the thermostat in direct sunlight, near vents, on walls with ductwork or on exterior walls. You'll also want to be sure to keep lighting sources away from the thermostat, because their heat can cause the air conditioner to work overtime.

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