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MEPS Compliance


Since October 2004, all single phase air conditioners have been required to meet Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), which specifies the minimum level of energy efficiency for these products. Units that do not meet the minimum efficiency standard are prohibited for sale in Australia.

All Lennox air conditioners not only meet the MEPS requirements, they exceed them. Revised MEPS levels were introduced in April 2010 and these were again upgraded in October 2011. You can find details of the current and future MEPS levels for air conditioners at www.energyrating.gov.au.

Star Ratings


The star rating for air conditioners is determined differently to other appliances. For air conditioners, the measure of energy efficiency is the Annualised Energy Efficiency Ratio (AEER) for cooling and the Annualised Coefficient of Performance (ACOP) for heating. The AEER and ACOP are simply the capacity output divided by the power input.

Generally speaking, systems with higher ratings tend to be a little more expensive at time of purchase, but have considerably lower running costs over an extended period. The real cost savings of a 5 star system when compared to a 2 star system, over a 10 year period, can amount to a sum of thousands of dollars. You’ll find the star ratings of all Lennox equipment by checking the specification tables throughout this site.

Gas Energy Ratings


New domestic gas ducted furnaces carry an Energy Rating Label that gives a guide to their efficiency.  A gas ducted furnace that meets the Australian Gas Association minimum performance level gains one star.  Each additional star represents an approximate 10% energy saving.  The more stars, the more energy efficient the heater.  The figure in the red box shows the annual amount of gas in megajoules (MJ) the unit uses to heat a cubic metre (m3) of space each year.  The lower the number the more energy efficient the heater and the less gas it will use.

Did you know that as an energy source, Natural Gas produces up to 75% less greenhouse gases when compared to electricity*. Directly using Natural Gas in your home is one of the simplest ways to reduce the carbon footprint for your family, without impacting your lifestyle.

† This figure is the result of testing the unit under the Australian Gas Association test conditions.  It is based on the seasonal operating efficiency of the heater operating for 600 hours per year.  Source:  Energy Victoria and the Commonwealth Government of Primary Industries and Energy.
* Figures are based on the 10 year running costs of a 250m2 home with ceiling height of 2.4mtrs and gas cost at 1.4c/MJ.
‡Source –www.energyrating.gov.au


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